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Bradley D. Manard, Ed.D.

Life Lessons is a dramatic and inspiring story collection of Captain Tony Tarracino’s remarkable journey from the ghettos of Elizabeth, N.J. to becoming a living legend of Key West.  He made a career of being a mesmerizing storyteller, captivating personality, and Casanova of the sea.  The Captain swore like a sailor on leave yet spoke of compassion as the word we should all live by.  In Life Lessons you’ll learn of his harrowing life on the sea, secret spy exploits as a gunrunner during the Cuban revolution, tales of the oldest bar in Florida - Captain Tony’s Saloon, being immortalized by his friend Jimmy Buffett in the song Last Mango in Paris, and Tony’s family of 13 children with eight different women.  Life Lessons captures the legendary tales and riveting lessons learned from a life of great adventure lived on the edge.

The Captain Tony Story

by Captain Tony Tarracino

and Brad Manard

Captain Tony with Brad at the Key West Hospital book signing on October 28, 2008

“Brad is the Michelangelo of Key’s literature.”

Captain Tony 10/24/08

I have to say that this book exceeded my wildest expectations! It is extremely well-written, and the descriptions and characterizations make the reader feel as if he or she is actually there in Key West with Captain Tony and Brad as the Captain shares his life and experiences with the younger Midwesterner.

Jean C. Thornton

Brad Manard

Author, Singer, Songwriter

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Distraught over the direction of her life, Alexandria rediscovers herself in a reawakening adventure near Estes Park, CO. Journeying into the mountain wilds with idealistic, young photographer, Michael, her life changes forever. Yet her family’s social image does not allow her the freedom to change. Instead, Alexandria has the means to give Michael his dream of a life photographing the magic of nature’s wild animals and incredible scenery. As their lives go separate directions, hers back into the Chadwick family world of high finance and his into the wilderness and nature photography, they can never be together nor can they ever forget each other. Alexandria, sophisticated yet adventurous, escapes her life by going on deep, mountain adventures with her daughter, Josie. In doing so, she ventures dangerously close to crossing the line back into Michael’s world.

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